Sunday, September 14, 2008

One week, one word - Palin =)

The first week is over. It has been a busy but exciting seven days since I moved into the intern house and began my new job. I have learned a few things already in my time here, and would like to share them with you.

1) Driving in D.C. and Virginia is an entirely different world than automobile transportation in Arkansas. These people honk as though it's a way of life.
2) One way streets should not be taken lightly. You cannot beat them. They will always win.
3) In Alaska, apparently people call them nylons. Where I'm from, we call 'em pantyhose. Weird.
4) As much as I thought I never had a Southern accent, I have been complimented on it more than once. What's the lesson in that, you ask? Well, that I do, after all, sound uneducated.
5) Not having the internet is like not having sanity. Seriously, what did I do before internet? Oh, I was like 7. I played with My Little Pony's.
6) Sarah Palin is a champion. Period.
7) Asking God to bless what I choose to do is very different than choosing to do what God will bless. (Thanks Pastor Kenny)
8) Boys in the Northeast don't know much about manners. I have met a select few though, and I appreciate them greatly.
9) Making my bed up every morning along with picking up clothes is not the painstakingly torturous punishment I once believed it to be.
10) When you step outside of your box, your comfort zone, it's amazing how small you can feel. You are just one among the crowd. No one special. There are many smarter, prettier and cooler than you. But in this mass chaos, I have sought God and had to define myself through Him. It's been the best week of my life.

Along with the ten "ah hah" moments I've had this week, I've also gotten to do some pretty cool things.
Wednesday, a few of us went to the McCain/Palin rally. 23,ooo people, a 4 mile long line, and one rockstar of a future veep makes for an awesome experience. Fred Thompson was also there. No one cared though, because everyone just chanted "Sarah, sarah, sarah" through the whole rally. Sarah was there and so was an elephant costumed individual dressed just like her. Scary, but funny. I ran into some friends who have been involved with LTIA and very beneficial to our program, Job and Mari Serebrov. It was great to see them.

On Saturday, a couple of us went to the Values Voter Summit. VVS is a conservative, Christian conference which brought in all kinds of speakers and organizations. Newt Gingrich, Phyllis Schlafly, and Lou Dobbs were among the lineup. I was able to volunteer at a booth with Don Feder and his film, "Demographic Winter." It was a great networking experience. Come to find out, a whole lot of people in D.C. know about our great Congressman, John Boozman. Everyone agrees that he is great.

I've made some great friends already, love what I do everyday, and just praising God for giving me this opportunity. He has already sent a girl my way, in which I have a great opportunity to be a blessing and testimony to. Pray for that situation.

Church this morning was amazing. Pastor Kenny spoke about getting in THE way, so God can guide and direct your path. It was a blessing. Crossroads has felt like home to me since I've been here. That church is filled with love and people who have already taken me under their wing. I thank God for them.

This week is going to be a great one. I will be attending an LI school, High Dollar Fundraising. This weekend, Aubrie and I will be going to Concerned Women for America's Leadership Conference. We are able to go by special invite and will also be attending their formal banquet. I cannot wait!!!

Sorry this has gotten so long, I just felt like I hadn't written anything in so long. Thank you all for remembering me in your prayers while I am here. I miss and love you all =)
(Russ and Nina Bell, our house parents) (Me & Aubs @ Values Voter Summit)


Lauren said...

Sounds like lots of fun!!! And sounds like you're meeting lots of fun, famous people. I'm still jealous :-)

Lauren said...

oh yeah...

>>> 9) Making my bed up every morning along with picking up clothes is not the painstakingly torturous punishment I once believed it to be. >>>

I'm not convinced......... :-)