Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 hours, 3 states, and a few forgotten items later...

I arrived in Indiana! It was an uneventful drive, filled with signs of silly names of cities, lots of stops at gas stations, and the healthful practice of eating to stay awake. Come to find out, I gained an unprecendented 5 pounds in 10 hours. Hard to do... and I'm kidding, by the way.
I got here on Tuesday evening, and have just been hanging out with my friends (who I met in DC at LTIA this summer). Christie, Chelsea, Sarah, Justin, and Jesse have become five of my very dearest friends, so I figured I'd show them off in photograph above =) These 5, their friends, and their families have welcomed me with open arms into the great town of Plainfield, Indiana for the second time this summer.

I head out tomorrow morning (Friday, Sept. 5) to complete my road raging, snack eating, time consuming, slightly boring journey to our Nation's Capital!

Once I get into the area, I will be staying at a hotel in Arlington on Friday night with my new roommate Aubrie and her mom. On Saturday, we will wake up, stress out, and finally move into the Sacher intern house! Hopefully, I'll have room to store my 7 boxes, 3 plastic bags, and 2 suitcases of clothes =) If not, there will be a garage sale happening in Arlington, Virginia on Saturday are all invited.

Sunday morning, I will be going to Crossroads Baptist Church, the same church I'll be going to every Sunday and Wednesday during my internship. I found out that this Sunday is their anniversary service and is supposed to be a very special day...I'm excited to be there!

Monday marks the beginning of my internship. There will be training and orientation on Monday, and then on Tuesday, we get to work. Here goes the greatest personal stretching experience of my life!

A dear friend of mine asked me yesterday what things was I feeling about being gone for 3 months and doing this internship in D.C. Here was my response:
Excitement, Curiosity, Anxiety, Thankfulness, Joy, Opportunistic, Giddyness, and name a few. I'm sure in the days to come, I will experience many more emotions. Any of you who have known me for at least 5 days, know that this is true =)


christie said...

As one of the "dearest friends" listed above, I'd like to say it has been amazing having you stay with us these few days. You are probably the funniest person I know. Literally. You are my sister now and part of this family forever. Can't wait for when you come back through and get to stay in your new house!!! I love you dearly.

get le'uh said...

Sweet blog.....oh and now you live in the same area as Jason Taylor. If you see him get me an autograph to prove something for a change. (Donovan McNabb)

Mallory said...

Livieee!!! Dude i'm so friggin proud of you. And i miss the everliving crap out of you. I cannot wait for u to come back! Remember ur first stop when u get back in Arkansas is my bring ur skates. ha that sounds a lil weird. But you know what i'm talking about.

Be looking for ur package in the mail within the next 2 weeks or so. I'll tell u when i actually send it tho.