Thursday, August 21, 2008

Headed to D.C. soon...

This is the first of many posts in my new blog =) I hope you all don't get too bored with my ramblings of current happenings in my life.

On August 6th, after a crazy couple of weeks of my post graduate plans quickly changing, I headed off to DC for 10 days of training with the Leadership Institute in hopes of becoming a field rep. Basically, that meant I was going to get sent to any random region in the USA and would be setting up self standing conservative groups on campuses.
However, after the first day of training, I was asked to join the team at LI in Arlington, VA as an intern for the fall semester. I really thought and prayed hard about it. To me, it seemed to just fit perfectly with me. I have always wanted to spend extended time in the DC area, doing something I love. So after a couple of days and lots of talks, I accepted the position!

Here is where I stand as of now...

I will be in Fayetteville until September 2nd, at which time I will pack up my little red Honda and begin my journey across the nation. I will be makin a 3 day pitstop in Plainfield, Indiana, where I will be visiting my dear friends. On Friday, September 5th, I will journey on to Arlington, meet up with my new roomie Aubrie (pictured above), and be spending the night in hotel of choice.

Saturday morning is move in day to the intern house!!!! (which is also pictured above) There will be 12 interns living in this house together, with 2 house parents. The Sacher Intern House is several blocks down the street from the Leadership Institute, so we will be able to walk to work!

The internship begins that next Monday, Sept. 8th at 8:30 am! I will be the intern for the Office of the President, Morton Blackwell. I will write more specifics about what I'll be doing when I know more! I am so excited and this is going to be such a great opportunity and experience.
I will keep you all updated and would love for you all to comment!